Core Values

Saint Soldier College of Pharmacy will continue to be guided by the legacy and sustaining principles of Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti.

Ethical Standards – Meeting the highest ethical standards of Pharmacy professionalism to achieve excellence in academic and research activities supporting health and environment, thus benefiting society.

Mutual Respect – Affirming and protecting the rights, dignity and integrity of each member of diverse community by embracing the social ecological and economic impact.

Student Centric – Fostering a Pharmacy student-centric environment and providing student centred, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, collaborative, innovative program leading to professional excellence.

Responsiveness – Serving the needs of the society and “Touching the lives of millions” through community care and outreach pharmacy programs.


“To Provide Skilled education that develop Innovative Pharmacist who helps transformation of individual and society”

As stated in the vision and mission statement of the college, we strive for high quality education, training and research focused on lifelong learning and  To be a leader in pharmaceutical sciences & pharmacy practice education, training, research and continuous professional development for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists providing competent patient care and nurturing drug discovery and development.


To expand knowledge, develop skills and competencies in students in pharmaceutical sciences.

To develop and advance the knowledge, attitude and skills of pharmacists and faculty members who can provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to patients, improve patient outcomes, and meet societal needs for safe and effective drug therapy.

To develop, promote and nurture research activities in pharmaceutical sciences and translating research into healthcare where pharmacist can do work in one platform.

To develop skilled and innovate pharmacist to patient and society.