Chairman: Mr. Babu Lal Sharma

To achieve this end, the Saint Soldier college of Pharmacy has an excellent strategic plan, one that builds on the legacy of success provided by the Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti in providing quality education to the country and combining academic excellence with an unprecedented commitment to innovation, quality and service so that each constituent college of the Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti is the best amongst its peers and is recognized as such. We are happy to say that the Saint Soldier college of Pharmacy has focused its attention on key priorities:
  • Develop Saint Soldier college of Pharmacy into the nation’s premier institution in the area of health care to provide a globally competent workforce.
  • Develop resources required for pharmacy excellence.
  • Accelerate Internationalization in a responsible manner through continued excellence and international partnership in pharmacy profession.
  • With the help of our dedicated, talented faculty and staff, Board of Management and others, we are confident Saint Soldier college of Pharmacy will succeed.
  • This is your Saint Soldier college of Pharmacy and the legacy of greatness that we must carry forward belongs to our future generations.

Managing Director (M.D.): Mr. Hitesh Sharma

Mr. Hitesh Sharma (M.D), a leader, an administrator, an educator by profession persistently works towards the goals, mission, vision and the organizational structure of Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti with effective and constructive thinking and rapid decision making concerning priorities, he helps the Saint Soldier College of Pharmacy not only to adapt to changes but to accommodate innovation. He consults all the stake holders before making a decisions; it makes academic and professional staff feel involved, which cements their commitment to the organization. Strategic vision combined with professional skills, expertise in resource management and credibility with the academic and research community, Mr. Hitesh Sharma as a Transformational Leader.

Mr. Hitesh Sharma, M.D, Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti, Tonk is a confident and enthusiastic leader who believes in the importance of communication and working cooperatively to build positive relationships with staff and students. A strategic thinker, effective decision maker with a proven capacity to be innovative and responsive, who seeks opportunities and embrace change.

Principal: Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta (M-Pharm, DIM, Ph.D)

Thank you for visiting the Saint Solider College of Pharmacy, Tonk website. As Principal, I am proud to share information about our programs, staff and students. I invite you to explore this website to learn about the programs we offer.

The Saint Soldier College of Pharmacy is a constituent Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti in Tonk, the college has made great strides in meeting specific needs of both students and patients, exploring new frontiers in pharmaceutical sciences and practice.

The College of Pharmacy continues to build on its rich history and tradition of excellence by offering quality degree and diploma programs that provide students with the necessary education and skills, supplemented by excellent infrastructure and instructional facilities, for their careers in pharmacy. The college offers a comprehensive package of education and training opportunities beginning with the Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm), Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm).

We actively seek students who best personify our core values – Innovation, Leadership, Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Professionalism. Without our core values, the college could easily be a college much like any other. Instead, we continue to grow and thrive. We are a renowned leader in pharmaceutical education, research and practice. We remain committed to providing our students with the best education possible in a setting where every student matters.

I encourage you to explore our website, contact us if you have questions, and consider us in helping you achieve your professional goals.