Hitesh Sharma

Managing Director (M.D)

Mr. Hitesh Sharma (M.D), a leader, an administrator, an educator by profession persistently works towards the goals, mission, vision and the organizational structure of Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti with effective and constructive thinking and rapid decision making concerning priorities, he helps the Saint Soldier College of Pharmacy not only to adapt to changes but to accommodate innovation. He consults all the stake holders before making a decisions; it makes academic and professional staff feel involved, which cements their commitment to the organization. Strategic vision combined with professional skills, expertise in resource management and credibility with the academic and research community, Mr. Hitesh Sharma as a Transformational Leader.

Mr. Hitesh Sharma, M.D, Saint Soldier Shiksha Samiti, Tonk is a confident and enthusiastic leader who believes in the importance of communication and working cooperatively to build positive relationships with staff and students. A strategic thinker, effective decision maker with a proven capacity to be innovative and responsive, who seeks opportunities and embrace change.